“The Forgotten Senator”

I am happy to announce that “The Forgotten Senator: The Life and Character of Preston B. Plumb” was published on March 8, 2023 and is now available on prestonplumb.com, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

I had originally intended to keep up this blog with updates as I progressed on the book, but I became so focused on the book itself that I neglected the blog posts. If you are interested in updates on “The Forgotten Senator” I encourage you to follow the Facebook page I just created for it HERE.


I just wanted to post a quick update that I have just gotten back from my research trip to Kansas! I ended up spending a little over 2 weeks in Emporia, Lawrence, and the surrounding area gathering information.  I have over 7,000 scanned pages of archival material to read, sort, and organize, and then I’ll be ready to start writing.

This research trip uncovered more information than I could have possibly hoped for. The challenge will be in cutting down everything to fit into a reasonably sized book.  As I progress in sorting through all of this research I’ll post updates with interesting things I’ve found just to keep everyone posted on how things are progressing.

Research Trip to Emporia, Kansas


One week from today I head down to Emporia, Kansas to finish scanning research materials for my Preston Plumb book. My first trip to Emporia was in 2017 and it will be nice to be done with the research gathering phase of this project this summer!

I’ll also be spending a couple days in Lawrence, Kansas at Kansas University and attending the city’s Civil War on the Border programming. I plan to update this site with photos from the trip as well as some interesting tidbits of information that you might find interesting.

This will be a nice record of the research process for me personally, but also something that those of you who have purchased books already, might find interesting!

If you would like to pre-order a Preston Plumb biography, you can still do so here on Indiegogo.